Video Personalization at scale

Create unique videos at scale, instantly by weaving in individual viewer data, like a user's name or company name, logo and website screenshot.

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Personalized video for marketing

Capture attention, and stand out by using Personalized Video across all of your programs. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Your website

Include personalized video on your landing page to delight your audience, and qualify the most engaged leads.

  • Your email campaigns

Personalize your video to deliver a unique, individualized experience to thousands of viewers.

  • ABM and sales

Sales can easily send personalized videos tailored to each lead with the simple push of a button.


How does video personalization work?

  • 1. Upload your video

Upload your existing videos, hosted and played direct from the Hyperise cloud.

  • 2. Add personalization layers

Exactly the same as our personalized images, simply drag and drop dynamic layers into your videos.

  • 3. Create in video interaction

Add interactive buttons into your videos, linking to other videos and web content.

  • 4. Embed on your website

Add videos to your sales landing pages and link from your outreach campaigns.

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What People Say

"These guys are changing the game!"

Overall: Expanding my business through personalization is something that's not rocket science anymore. Super excited to have found this platform.

Pros: Hyperise is very intuitive and easy to set up, I was able to get started as a complete noob within 10 minutes.

Cons: I would like to see more video tutorials, but they have plenty of easy to follow docs to help in the meantime.

Marcell C. - Digital Marketing Specialist

"Hyperise is becoming more important to our agency as we learn all of it's features."

Overall: It provides a customized on-boarding experience for leads and it provides us with valid data we can use to better market to our clients.

Pros: It's very affordable and the service team does a good job of making sure that you can reach them. In a world flush with cash, many companies provide terrible service after you become a client. Hyperise has done the opposite and I appreciate that about them.

Jorge Edel A. - CEO Veeme Media

"Awesome Personalization go to software"

Overall: Simple to use and an amazingly powerful tool, has increased my CTR dramatically.

Pros: The ability to edit the image and adjust it personalization, direct from my website is so great.

Cons: Would love to see more help videos, most of the knowledge base is text and images.

Tracey Coolings